Doorway Production Update – December 2016

Hey everyone! This is the first actual blog post/production update on the website, and I’d figured there would be no better time than now because of all the things that are happening around us.

New Here?

If you are unfamiliar, we run a lot of things here: Trial of Leaves, Pavel Hall, Nyro, Necrosis, and The Escape Pod. That is just what we as a studio do primarily. We also partner with Legion Creative (the people who make Caught Not Sleeping) to do Jawesome Possum. All of this with a few low staff.

Reason for slow upload.

So the holidays are obviously a hectic time for everyone. Everyone in the service industry is working more hours, and everyone in school is doing finals and going home. We are affected by this at our studio since we all have other jobs. We all have a second thing we go and do. This is not our main/only job. We do not nearly make enough to support ourselves with this alone. Though we are working on fixing that…

When will new videos be out?

There will not be a new Pavel Hall episode until 2017. We are editing what we have of Episode 2 (2 out of the 3 scenes are shot) but we cannot film until next year since everything is insane! Though we will keep chipping away editing wise so that when we can film that final scene of the episode, so we do not have to edit the entire episode. The main issue is my hair since I have grown it out over the last 2 years, along with my job being incredibly busy/stressful during the holidays.

There was supposed to be a new Trial of Leaves by now, unfortunately we need to do some re-shoots.So we are currently working on that for the time being, restructuring the scene and preparing to start over. It’s will not take too long, but still, it’s an unfortunate wait.

The Escape Pod will be reviewing Rogue One as soon as we can! We plan to do about 3 videos on Star Wars before starting in on Berserk Episode 2.One will be our review of Rogue One, another our thoughts on the Han Solo film along with our pitch for a Solo film, and a video discussing what we want to see out of Star Wars and other Anthology films.

Plans for 2017

Josiah and I have been having a lot of talks lately about not just the future of the studio, but specifically 2017. For us, 2016 was a very much a weird year. A lot of was going on for us, and it was mainly behind the scenes stuff. I was focused on Jawesome Possum, releasing my album, and writing a novella. Josiah was deep into Trial of Leaves planning and being in a theater production. Nathan finished school, and Haley got in to school. 2016 was us laying down the ground work for the future.

In 2017 we want to be kicking things up a notch with a slew of new things! I wish I could go into deep detail and tell you about all the wonderful things we have in store for you, but that would ruin the fun since it’s so far off.

But Pavel Hall will end with it’s 3rd season. Trial of Leaves Season 2 will come to a climatic close. The Escape Pod will change in interesting ways (budget providing). A new album will likely come out. A novella. And finally, we are going to be relaunching Necrosis.

That is as vague as I can possibly be.

A big goal of 2017 is to bring on more members and to expand the Patreon, along with our physical merchandise. So we have been looking into all the ways of doing that, which has caused many a headache!

So please, follow this blog and check the website when you can! Or follow us on Facebook where I regurgitate some of what is here. Also support us on Patreon! If you truly enjoy what we do with Trial of Leaves, Pavel Hall, Nyro, The Escape Pod, and Necrosis, you should at least help by tossing us a dollar every month!

~Salvatore Haran

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