A New Website! An Update


After months of procrastination and blatant ignorance, the website is finally semi-functional!

Decided to actually buy a real domain doorwayproduction.com and move up my account type on here to one that will help make a real snazzy looking website!

So here is what is going down my loves.

The holiday season is over, which means that we are crawling out of the hole of retail hell. Josiah and I both work in customer service in an electronics store… so… yeah. It is suffering. But! We are now getting back on track with doing art and working on projects.

First and foremost: the next episode of Pavel Hall will come out this year and will be the last.

Episode 5 of Season 3 is the ending, and will wrap it all up! As sad as it is to see the show end, it marks the end of a certain time in my career. Pavel Hall was my film school, and I see this as a graduation of sorts. Moving on from what I once was to what I am now. My… whatever they call your final paper in college. You get the point, this is the moment I become a “real filmmaker” whatever that means.

We are also working on Existential Dread! We have a whole production diary to still edit, but I am waiting for a good time off work to edit it and the bits of the film we have shot. Again, with holidays over it will be easier to film things. It will likely be done by March, so fingers crossed!

In addition, we are starting to plan new Trial of Leaves episodes, though don’t expect anything soon.

Moving on from the film world!


I have been writing this novella titled The Redwater Legend for almost 3 years now. A good chunk of that I was not working on it, and the last few months I have been writing its sequel, Kingsgrave. The main reason is it needs to be editing and proofreading. Along with this, we need to buy copyright and other fun things. Then we get into publishing.

That being said, a sample version of the first chapter is going to be available soon!

So look out for that!

2018 is going to be a better year.

Be sure to follow this blog as I will be semi-active, letting everyone know what is up!

Thanks everyone ❤

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