Pavel Hall: Season 3 Episode 4 – The Way the World Ends

Pavel awakens from the Path and is given a choice. Open the Door or suffer the consequences. The Blind Man makes a bargain.

This episode took a long time to make. The footage from the “Door” scene, the stinger, along with the “Ava” scene was filmed in October of 2014. Since then we have been working on the previous three episodes, and this one was a distant dream for a long time. Season 3 started up officially over a year ago, and then immediately I started a retail job for the holidays. Which explains why there was not a new episode for 6 months.

The same thing happened with this episode, where I wanted to get the episode out faster, but the holidays are not kind to retail workers. I had most of the episode edited and waiting for the “Blind Man” scene to be shot. Which originally was supposed to be a cold open to the episode, instead of cutting to the Blind Man, it was going to cut to Pavel and Ava.

Thankfully, while I waited, I was sent a TON of old footage of my younger self. This was then constructed into the cold open you see of Pavel waking up after Ava dies. We also inserted the second half of the scene in #32 where Pavel fantasizes killing himself. But we see that he doesn’t, and decides to fight. Which doesn’t go very well.

Because of that, the Blind Man scene was up in the air. I decided to stick it as a transition scene between the Inferno taunting Pavel and him talking to Ava. This way the “Door” scene is the bookends of the episode. Pavel is posed with the question and we see major character debating what he will do and the consequences of those actions.

Ava’s scene was shot before her death scene from Episode 3, which explains her clothing is the same. Pavel doesn’t want to think of her covered in blood.

The Blind Man effect was necessary because the contacts we bought were not going to work, so I was able to frame-by-frame edit a void around each eye to show him being sightless. For Faceless King, it was a matter of blurring his face to hide the clothing seams and making the lighting darker than it was to give the effect he was hiding in the shadow.

All in all, this episode was crazy and fun to make 😀

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