Fan Art

A collection of art recreated by the fans and friends of our art.

We thank you all for the amazing pieces of art you’ve made that have kept us going.

Note: Some of these pieces are taken from years ago and I do not have links to their art accounts or social media. Some have been deleted or my dumb self can’t find it. In these cases, I will credit the name I saved however long ago. If you know these people and their social media that I can credit, please do so.

pastelpeachpunk Pavel


birthday by its achessblackleaffalls by its achesstrial of leaves poster by pastelpeachpunk

ghosts 7 by its achess


Pavel Fan Art by Chissy

Junsui Silly



Pavel Stuck by Tribefaith


art by nicedynamiteswolf art by nicedynamites


Pavel Hall by madelaine

Night Gallow

boys by helljocks.png


Pavel Hall Open the Door by Gimena


my farewell by rvbsarge


comic tol by houndcore

good riddance by houndcore

tol by rvbsarge

doodles by dogkey

more doodles by dogkey

rest in fucking peices by dogkey


the escape pod by savingthrow.png

Saving Throw

Pavel Hall Open the Door Master Cheif by SaltWaterFerretGet out of the tree Pavel by SaltWaterFerretPavel Saves Chandler by SaltwaterferretPretty Korban by Saltwaterferret

tol by saltwaterferrer.png


get along by cooperfitzpatrickservant by cooperfitzpatrick