Pavel Hall Soundtrack – Update!

Hello there!

Today I spent a good deal of time working on the Pavel Hall Season 3 Soundtrack! Things are going VERY well if I do say. The biggest thing I am doing is elaborating on the songs heard in the show to create an enjoyable listening experience. The songs will very much be how you heard them in the series, but touched up and expanded for more enjoyment. I am also adding in a few bonus songs for fun such as the opening theme and the Red Hand song from Season 2’s episode In Transit, which is when I really started making music.

Keep your eyes out for more info on Season 3’s album!

Pavel Cover.png

Tracklist (up for change)

  1. Opening Theme
  2. A Doomed World
  3. Secrets of Greenway
  4. Inching Closer
  5. Red Hand
  6. The Path of Black Leaves
  7. Place of Power
  8. We Were Legends
  9. The Road Back Home
  10. They Have Arrived
  11. One Who Opens Doors
  12. Inferno’s Conquest
  13. 3 1 5

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