Escape Pod: Resurgence

The Escape Pod Podcast was an idea we had for a long while. Josiah, Nathan, and I are constantly talking about the shows we watch, films we see, and books we read. We love art and media. The Escape Pod was a way of turning these conversations that naturally happen into an enjoyable show for you!

Originally it was going to be a straight-up podcast, audio only. I quickly fell out of love with that idea and wanted to set us apart from every other movie review podcast. It would be, what I called, a Visual Podcast. We are discussing stuff as the images and clips of what we are discussing are popping up on screen for you. Which is a great idea, but the editing for it is insane.  First thing, you need to take the hour and a half to a two-hour conversation and make it consumable. I typically cut thirty to forty-five minutes of dialogue depending on the episode. This is cutting out the uhms and ahs, along with deep inhales, and moments of silence. I also cut repeated points or topics, conversations that go nowhere or have nothing to do with the episode, or stuff I just don’t like.

After that is the editing which is very intense and takes a long ass time. When the show first started, it was just me editing all the episodes. And there are a lot. I got really burnt out since I was editing and recording Escape Pod AND Jawesome Possum. Some editing help was given on Jawesome Possum, but 95% of the episodes (being kind) were edited by me and I was in every single one. When I started my day job, because I made TEP and JP while unemployed, I quickly found I had no time to edit them and focused on editing Pavel Hall.

Now that Pavel Hall is wrapping, the holidays are over, and I’m working on shooting my short film Existential Dread, along with my album Comfort of the Stars being done, I can get back on the Escape Pod ball. This time around, I have Josiah editing with me!

Berserk Episode 2 has been in editing limbo for months. When I would pick it up, I would immediately feel tired and could only work on a minute or two. I got Josiah onboard editing and he edited a ton in one day. After that, I was back on the horse, and we pounded that episode out in a week.

For now on, Josiah and I will be editing together or working on separate projects for Escape Pod.

We also are going to try a new set up to capture us talking with a three camera set up. This will be for the book reading series we want to do, along with reviewing new films we can’t get footage for.

And that’s right! We want to do a book review series! Where we read a book and review it! A bit different but its something we’ve been wanting to do for a while.

Hope you all enjoy the new Berserk episode when it comes out! Become a Patron to see it like three days early!

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