Doorway Studios started back in 2013 by Salvatore Haran as a way to brand his art. Now it has grown, along with the number of people involved in its many projects.
It is now run by Salvatore Haran and Josiah Miller as they produce a number of web shows and film projects. Also exploring avenues into different art forms such as music.
The main goal is to create many types of art for all sorts of people, and bringing on people from all walks of life and talents.

Salvatore Haran


One of the heads of Doorway Studios, Salvatore is a writer/director/editor/actor/musician/cinematographer who got his start on his horror web-series Pavel Hall. He is currently working in pre-production for a lot of projects and finishing up the final season of Pavel Hall. Salvatore also works on Trial of Leaves as an occasional Director, Writer, and Actor. Along with being a co-host and editor of Jawesome Possum and The Escape Pod.

Josiah Miller


One of the heads of Doorway Studios, Josiah is a writer/director/editor/actor who got his start working on his horror web-series Trial of Leaves. After getting into film-making with Trial of Leaves, and having a knack for acting from years of theater, he got together with a bunch of theater friends and made a feature film titled Where Are We Going? Now he is producing season 2 of Trial of Leaves, is a co-host on The Escape Pod, and a frequent guest on Jawesome Possum.

Haley Grace


Haley is an illustrator/comedian/actor/writer at Doorway Studios working on the branding, concept art, and designs for many Doorway projects, the main one being The Escape Pod. She runs a horror web-comic series named Necrosis.

Nathan Haskew


Nathan is an actor/writer at Doorway Studios working on Trial of Leaves and as a host on The Escape Pod. He got his start working on Trial of Leaves with Josiah.