Pavel Hall Is Over, so What’s Next?

Hello everyone! It has been a long time since I made a blog post on here, and that is totally my fault. Life has been utterly complicated, as it does with adulthood. But now, Pavel Hall is over! This chapter of my life has come to a close and now all we have left is the epilogue.

There is still more Pavel Hall content on the way! We will have full-length director’s cuts of all seasons uploaded at some point. With this, we shall have commentary for each season! This will give some insight into the series along with providing you all with some fun times. Along with this is the soundtrack for Season 3! Pretty much every song you heard in this season was made for the show! I am working now to get that album ready for release so you can listen to your favorite Pavel tune. Of course, we will also be having deleted scenes released and gag reels. There is a good amount of cut Pavel content!

But, of course, the channel will not JUST be about Pavel.

I am still working hard at my book, The Redwater Legend. The editing process is a slow one, as we are making sure everything is perfect and what we want it to be. During that time, however, other stuff is getting written! I am very deep into the first draft of Redwater’s sequel, which is already longer than the first book. Not to mention other writing projects I have going on. Just know that Redwater is coming along!

Redwater Cover 3 sketch 4.png

These are the MAJOR things. Writing has very much taken my interest these past few years, which can explain the slow upload rate of Pavel. I will be trying to update this website as much as I can. Existential Dread is a project I would love to work on, but need to find the time. I feel bad that I hyped it up and it died off so suddenly. I am still learning to be consistent and focus on things more.

Which is why I don’t why to overstate to much here. We have tons of projects we want to do, but finding time between full-time jobs is difficult. Hopefully, we can make this work!

Thank you all for sticking around!!!

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