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Existential Dread

A man confronts his nihilistic behavior.

Existential Dread is a short film currently in production here at Doorway Studios that deals with a man with destructive existential thoughts.

Follow us as we craft the story and give you Production Diaries of our filmmaking adventure!

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Comfort of the Stars

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CotS Cover

In the wake of a tragedy, Commander Martin Hayes resigns from the United Sol Space Command to adventure the solar system with his friend Cisco. Along the way, the two meet old rivals, new friends, and a cosmic mystery. All to find some form of comfort in the stars.

Comfort of the Stars takes you on an adventure through space with a blend of different styles including ambient, jazz, and cinematic sounds. With influence from many great science fiction soundtracks like Halo, Blade Runner, and Mass Effect. Great listening that will transport the most mundane task into a grand adventure through the stars.

“If you listen close enough, there’s a story unfolding right before your very eyes or ears rather and that’s the best part… a refreshing glass of water in the somewhat cottonmouth sound we are slowing becoming accustomed to hearing more and more these days.”
~A&R Factory


Trial of Leaves

Three hikers, Josiah, Nathan, and Justin, decide to make a YouTube channel to document their hikes and to give tips on how other people can hike. But when a mysterious painting finds its way into one of the hiker’s bedrooms, they start to investigate what is going on.

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Pavel Hall

Pavel Hall is a film school dropout who experiences some weird occurrences in his home which leads him down a dark path. Doorways to other places open up to him as a dangerous Game of Gods begins to see who can control Pavel, who has become a crucial pawn in a larger scheme.

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Trial and Error

Beth enjoys a day outside and continues her search to find a friend.

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The Creators

Doorway Studios started back in 2013 by Salvatore Haran as a way to brand his art. Now it has grown, along with the number of people involved in its many projects.
It is now run by Salvatore Haran and Josiah Miller as they produce a number of web shows and film projects. Also exploring avenues into different art forms such as music.
The main goal is to create many types of art for all sorts of people, and bringing on people from all walks of life and talents.

Josiah Miller          Salvatore Haran

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