Pavel Hall is a film school dropout who experiences some weird occurrences in his home which leads him down a dark path. Doorways to other places open up to him as a dangerous Game of Gods begins to see who can control Pavel, who has become a crucial pawn in a larger scheme.

Three hikers, Josiah, Nathan, and Justin, decide to make a YouTube channel to document their hikes and to give tips on how other people can hike. But when a mysterious painting finds its way into one of the hiker’s bedrooms, they start to investigate what is going on.

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Josiah, Nathan, Sal, and Haley (along with guests) sit around and review TV Shows, Films, and Books! In addition to random podcasts and pitches based on established properties. The Escape Pod is a review talk show, analyzing stories new and old.

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Sal and Josiah, with various guests, get together and play videos while commentating on gameplay mechanics and personal stories!