Comfort of the Stars

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CotS Cover

In the wake of a tragedy, Commander Martin Hayes resigns from the United Sol Space Command to adventure the solar system with his friend Cisco. Along the way, the two meet old rivals, new friends, and a cosmic mystery. All to find some form of comfort in the stars.

Comfort of the Stars takes you on an adventure through space with a blend of different styles including ambient, jazz, and cinematic sounds. With influence from many great science fiction soundtracks like Halo, Blade Runner, and Mass Effect. Great listening that will transport the most mundane task into a grand adventure through the stars.

“If you listen close enough, there’s a story unfolding right before your very eyes or ears rather and that’s the best part… a refreshing glass of water in the somewhat cottonmouth sound we are slowing becoming accustomed to hearing more and more these days.”
~A&R Factory